Our Ecosystem

Assur.com wouldn’t be where it is today without the support and talent of the SparkLabs’ collaborative startup community. If you don’t know it yet, SparkLabs is a multicultural and vibrant community of likeminded tech startups. We love its gorgeous locations and super friendly and helpful staff. If you’re a young startup looking for a place to thrive, look no further, Spark Labs is the ideal coworking space to grow and make the right connections.  

The Assur.com platform owes its fluid navigation and clean lines to Taste’s John Lin's fine eye for design and UX expertise. Co-founder Justin’s coding skills and patience were instrumental to the website’s smooth rollout. The talented co-founders continue to work collaboratively with the Assur team and regularly jump to the rescue to help solve technical problems. If you have trouble deciding what movie to watch tonight, go create a profile on taste.io (it takes 2 minutes) and the platform will give you a list of movies that you just can’t miss!

From the early stages of the project, Les Pépites Tech have generously shared their SEO and technical know-how, offering super useful tips and technical advice. We continue to collaborate with the dynamic duo on various projects, including an editorial partnership. If you’re passionate about startups and want to stay updated on the French tech latest news, you’ll love Les Pepites Tech! Don’t forget to check out our latest posts on innovation and insurance.

Special thanks to Eachscape’s Ludo for contributing his app-developing experience and guiding us in choosing the right framework for the Assur.com algorithm. Eachscape is a powerful app-developing tool that helps Fortune 500 companies like Disney, NBC, Kellogg’s or E! build the Native and Hybrid app that best represent their brand.